Priorities for Change

It turns out, nearly 90% of consumers say they’d switch from one brand to another if that other brand was associated with a good cause. That got us thinking about all the good community causes our client Priority Automotive supports every year. What would a Priority “cause marketing” campaign look like? In the hands of our creative team, nothing like car ads.

“Cars are not our only Priority”

When we peeked behind the curtain at Priority’s charity work, we found a program giving non-violent offenders a second chance at technician careers. A 50-year-old charity touch football game that raises more than $400,000 a year. And an annual holiday campaign that pays down animal shelter adoption fees so more pets are adopted. Priority’s good causes had all the material we needed for a strong cause marketing campaign. But how to do it without sounding braggy and self-congratulatory? Through powerful, vivid storytelling that kept the spotlight on the charities. And a strategic launch on Super Bowl Sunday -- on one of the busiest advertising days of the year.

What Drove Us


# charities Priority supports


Local residents watching the Super Bowl


Game viewers using social media

The game plan

Our “Priorities for Change” campaign centered on a strategic mix of four television spots, five long-form videos, a strategic social media campaign and a pre-launch email marketing push to both Priority customers and employees. Each component drove web traffic to a user-friendly microsite -- -- filled with more stories, videos and helpful links to spark community involvement with the brand’s favorite charities.

The Final Score

When we pull together all the game-day stats and finish all the post-game analysis, we’ll be sure to update this space and let you know if “Priorities for Change” was a success. But early reactions have been great. Until then, head over to and see all the work, find a charity you love and help drive more positive change in our communities.

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