For more than two decades, Davis has helped law firms stand out from their competitors and generate results. Our custom, integrated strategies blend smart planning and great creative to make the most of your marketing budget. So lawyers can focus on what matters most: Generating great case results for their clients.


Personal injury. Accident. Workers comp. Family law. Maritime. Estate planning. Elder law. DUI and criminal defense. No matter what kind of law our clients practice, Davis has the insight and experience they need to make the most of their business-building efforts. And be a valuable marketing partner.

“We’re not the top spender in Indianapolis. But for years Davis has made our ads stand out in a market saturated with lawyer TV. Ad they’ve tied all my marketing efforts together into one cohesive unit, adding to overall impact. Davis TV has certainly paid for us.”

Vaughn Wamsley


Advertise Like a Big TIME Attorney

BIG CASES. That's what every law firm wants. Sure, smaller cases cover the overhead but BIG cases create wealth. Well, here's an ad that's creating a wealth of big results. Take a look. If you like what you see, call us. We'll get your law firm's revenue growing, BIG TIME.


We offer every tool available to help our legal clients generate calls and client leads. Television, radio, billboards, print, online search and display, email and direct mail, social media – the works. But we don’t stop there. At every opportunity, we strengthen media buys with negotiated extras that extend budgets and reach.

“I didn’t understand what a real marketing partner was until I met Davis. They increased our caseload by 30% the first year and helped us develop tracking systems to better monitor call and case flows. Davis truly is a partner in our business.”

Bob Whitley

“In the first week, my commercial generated a case that paid for the whole year of advertising. That’s TV that pays.”

Steve Harris, Founder


Know any lawyers who went to law school to focus on marketing and business development? We don’t either. Take the stress of marketing off your shoulders and put it squarely on ours. Contact Davis today.


Despite the fact that we’re media nerds known for meticulous analysis, most law firms hire Davis because of our clever ad copy and exceptional production values. And we produce a ton of TV ads; 750+ a year. So, here are the Lawyer TV Ads of the Month.

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