To Jingle or Not to Jingle? That IS the Question

Shakespeare’s Hamlet was contemplating life versus death when he pondered “to be or not to be.”  Ironically, many attorneys would choose the latter before creating a jingle for their law firm.  But history and science argue in favor of jingles.   Studies show that music stimulates the cerebellum and limbic system more profoundly than mere …

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PI Lawyer TV Ad of the Month. A Testimonial Ad.

Testimonials are everywhere: TV, websites, Youtube.  A rare few are gorgeous, most are mediocre, and some are comical, bordering on parody.  But do testimonials work in PI lawyer TV advertising?  UNEQUIVOCALLY, YES.  Testimonials have been a major component of Davis PI law firm marketing success for the last decade.  However, creating effective testimonials isn’t easy.  …

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PI Lawyer TV Ads of the Month

The managing partner of a leading national law firm recently called us after receiving one of our eblasts. He suggested Davis wasn’t leveraging our best asset, our nationally acclaimed TV ads. My face flushed. I smiled. He was right. Despite the fact that we’re media nerds known for meticulous analysis, most law firms hire Davis …

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August 2020 Was a Record Month for PI Cases. Traffic Is Back! Are You?

People are back in their cars.  Highway Patrol accident statistics are on the rise across America.  And Davis law firm clients are signing more cases. One of our Midwest law firms just had their best month in twenty years!  Better than any month before the insidious Coronavirus hit.  The firm signed 52% more cases in …

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Will Your Law Firm Be Preempted By The Election?

Election ads have already started in swing states.  Both Biden and Trump are pouring it on even before the official 60 day political window opens.  And in swing states where there’s a close senate or governor’s race, political ads are swallowing even more TV inventory adding to the mayhem.  Will your law firm be preempted?  …

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Coronavirus Cut TV Rates Up to 50%. Keeping Rates Low Is Key to Higher Profitability

The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on businesses across America, including PI law firms.  Auto traffic has plummeted by 90% in some cities and so have car accident cases.  Several law firm analysts even contend cases signed during the pandemic will be worth less because of victims’ limited ability to receive medical treatment.  But there is …

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Car Traffic Never the Same After Coronavirus? Consider This

The air across America has cleared.  As car traffic has been cut by more than half as a result of stay-at-home orders, smog from San Francisco to New York has lifted and beautiful vistas can be savored for miles.  Not only have daily commutes been ditched, so have many shopping expeditions.  Americans are now ordering …

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End of April Brings Signs of Hope, Increase In Cases

This has probably been one of the darkest April’s in the history of just about everything.  An unprecedented pandemic, 30 million Americans filed for unemployment,  and a national economic shutdown. Just about all businesses have been negatively impacted, including personal injury law firms.  And the reason is simple.  The number of car accidents decreased dramatically …

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Coronavirus Cut Auto Traffic in Half. So Why Were Fatal Accidents Increasing?

It was the end of March.  Coronavirus was already ravaging the west coast and governors had locked some states down with stay at home orders.  Davis Ad Agency was on a conference call with one of our west coast PI law firms.  Call traffic was down but added bonus weight on TV was extending reach …

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Why Are PI Law Firms Staying On Air during Coronavirus When Other Advertisers are Cancelling?

Car dealers and major retailers cancelled advertising in March and April as states around the country issued stay at home orders and idled economic activity.  But personal injury law firms continued advertising despite automobile traffic plunging by 60% and accident cases dramatically decreasing.  As a matter of fact, personal injury law firms have been one …

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