Our D.C.-based issues advocacy marketing team has brought Davis clients success from coast to coast. Our work has shut down entire Capitol Hill phone banks, stopped landmark legislation in its tracks and generated attention and action on some of the day’s most controversial issues.

Powerful clients. Powerful partnerships.

We've worked shoulder-to-shoulder with powerful political organizations and operatives to shape public opinion and prompt action on issues that matter. Associations. C3s. C4s. PACs. Coalitions. Defense Contractors. Lobbying firms. They’ve all looked to Davis for research-based marketing solutions that work.


We don’t just place media for clients. We plan it. We negotiate it. And we steward it across up to 100 different markets every year. Our work has been so effective, other ad agencies have hired us to do the same with their media. Now that’s effective.


Over the past 30 years, Davis has been involved with some of the world’s largest media outlets and most controversial issues.  And we’ve shaped media results in very difficult circumstances. Our ads alone have generated thousands of articles and stories locally, nationally and internationally. And generated plenty of interest and political action along the way.

Rooted in research.

What makes our issues work so effective? Research. We blend extensive focus group, qualitative and quantitative research to inform, test and refine our media strategies and creative work. It’s a research-based approach that has not only changed the way our clients approach issues, it has changed the entire tenor of national conversations.

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