Will Your Law Firm Be Preempted By The Election?

Law Firm Marketing

Election ads have already started in swing states.  Both Biden and Trump are pouring it on even before the official 60 day political window opens.  And in swing states where there’s a close senate or governor’s race, political ads are swallowing even more TV inventory adding to the mayhem.  Will your law firm be preempted?  Will viewers stop watching ads as the fervor grows?  Here’s a quick checklist that we hope will help:

  1.  Direct Response Rates:  DO NOT run D.R. rates in this period.  Your ads will be preempted or won’t achieve the necessary frequency to break through.  Davis recently  took over a law firm account from a well known ad agency that buys DR.  The client’s numbers are already way up. 
  2. Cancellation Clause:  Make it clear to stations in writing that you’d like the right to cancel your schedule if things begin to get out of hand.  Call us if you’d like specifics.  
  3. Viewer Tune Out:  Two weeks leading up to November 3rd, the airwaves will be filled with political ads.  The caustic tone and relentless frequency of ads often turns consumers off and they stop watching commercials.  All advertisers suffer.  Keep a close eye on your intakes.  If you see calls and cases plummeting, be prepared to cancel.  
  4. TV Stations, Dayparts Matter:  The stations and dayparts you buy in a political window make a big difference. Davis employs a highly strategic approach to media buys in swing states.  Call us if you’d like to know more.  
  5. Social Media Instead of TV?  Some media planners are migrating TV spend to social media, OTT and Youtube as a work around during October.  And increasing social media spend to a small degree is probably not a bad idea but don’t expect it to replace TV as a lead source.  There’s a reason more than 70% of all political ad dollars in 2020 are going to television.

Want to learn more?  Call the DC ad agency that’s expert at navigating the media tempest spawned by election cycles. 202-775-8181 or [email protected].  Your bottom line will thank you!

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