Why Are PI Law Firms Staying On Air during Coronavirus When Other Advertisers are Cancelling?

Law Firm Marketing

Car dealers and major retailers cancelled advertising in March and April as states around the country issued stay at home orders and idled economic activity.  But personal injury law firms continued advertising despite automobile traffic plunging by 60% and accident cases dramatically decreasing.  As a matter of fact, personal injury law firms have been one of the most stable advertising segments throughout the Coronavirus crisis.  Why is that?

TV and digital audience levels have spiked as consumers trapped in their homes turn to TV and the internet for entertainment, news, and consolation. PI law firms are leveraging the opportunity to reach one of the largest captive audiences ever.  But that’s not all.  As other advertisers have cancelled, ad inventory has opened up and that’s provided two more opportunities.  Rates have dropped significantly so PI firms are paying less for their ads.  And as a result of inventory loosening, law firms are also receiving an unprecedented number of free bonus spots.  It all adds up to an opportunity to good to pass up.

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