That Summer Vacation From Advertising May Cost Your Law Firm More Than You Think

Law Firm Marketing

Summer months are vacation months.  It’s the time of year when families pile into cars and drive more than any other time of year.  And with gas prices still low, people are driving more than ever. Yet many personal injury law firms stop advertising in the summer.  They rationalize that people are out of town and won’t see the ads. Maybe the firms are just trying to save money? But it could be costing them big time.  Whatever the rationale, their reluctance to advertise in summer months is a boon for law firms that do advertise.

Here’s an example.  Three Davis personal injury law firm clients signed more clients in July 2019 than any other July in their respective histories and came close to breaking all time sign up records. And these firms weren’t started yesterday.  All three have been around for decades. One is on the East Coast, another on the West Coast and the third is located in the midwest.

Based on Kantar competitive analysis, one law firm was directly benefited by a competitor pulling off the air in July.  Calls shot up and case sign ups spiked. The other two firms success can be attributed to the implementation of Davis new media tactics that paid big.

So, the next time someone suggests taking a vacation from advertising in the summer, think twice.  That vacation may be costing your law firm more than you think.

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