Personal Injury Lawyers. Balancing the Scales of Justice.

Let’s face it, the public is not fond of personal injury lawyers.  You’ve heard the jokes. And some personal injury lawyers deserve ridicule, hanging around emergency rooms trolling for clients or handing out business cards at car accident scenes.  But the fact is most personal injury lawyers have their clients best interest at heart and …

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Is Your Law Firm’s Advertising Agency Making You Money? Do They Know?

The scary part is many personal injury law firms don’t know.  Maybe even more alarming, neither do their advertising agencies.  Time after time, Davis takes over the marketing of a personal injury law firm and finds they’re unable to tell us: How many new case calls they receive every month.  No historical data. How many …

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NY CONVENIENCE STORE GIANT LOOKS TO BEACH AGENCY TO DRIVE CREATIVE, DIGITAL, MEDIA STRATEGY   Virginia Beach, Va. – Davis Ad agency announced the addition of a new high-profile name to its growing client roster – upstate New York convenience store giant Fastrac Markets LLC. With 53 locations across New York state, Fastrac Cafes are …

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Busier Is Better.

Davis Welcomes Four New Clients. Try as we might, we have yet to win the lottery. That being said, we all feel really lucky here at Davis these days. Over the past nine months, Davis has added four amazing new clients: RNR Tires & Wheels, iFLY Virginia Beach, Ram Jack of the Commonwealth, and Chantel …

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