End of April Brings Signs of Hope, Increase In Cases

Law Firm Marketing

This has probably been one of the darkest April’s in the history of just about everything.  An unprecedented pandemic, 30 million Americans filed for unemployment,  and a national economic shutdown. Just about all businesses have been negatively impacted, including personal injury law firms.  And the reason is simple.  The number of car accidents decreased dramatically as the number of cars on the road plummeted.  Great for us drivers, not good for law firm revenue.  But there are signs the country may be awakening from this economic malaise.  Smartphone data indicates Americans began leaving their homes mid to late April and the trend appears to be picking up momentum.  States are slowly starting to open back up, people are getting out and about.  And as activity has increased so have calls to law firms.  Based on data Davis Ad Agency receives from PI law firms across the country, calls in some markets may have hit a low in mid April then began climbing the week of 4/20.  One PI firm received thirty calls on Monday 4/20.  That’s up from a low of five calls in mid April.  Another law firm’s “signed cases” jumped from 32 in mid April to over 80 the week of April 20 and 87 the week of 4/27.  So law firm marketers, take heart.  With spring comes hope!

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