Car Traffic Never the Same After Coronavirus? Consider This

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The air across America has cleared.  As car traffic has been cut by more than half as a result of stay-at-home orders, smog from San Francisco to New York has lifted and beautiful vistas can be savored for miles.  Not only have daily commutes been ditched, so have many shopping expeditions.  Americans are now ordering everything from groceries to Big Macs to pharmaceuticals online for home delivery.  Now, some prognosticators are saying America’s crowded highways are history.  They could be onto something, at least short term.  Many businesses are learning that they can operate with a workforce predominantly based at home.  Imagine the implications for commercial real estate.  But there are huge implications for PI law firms too if commute traffic doesn’t come back.  Less accidents will be terrific for the health of the country but not so great for PI law firms.  However, there’s one important factor that many prognosticators overlook when making the case that traffic patterns will remain depressed, U.S. population growth.  According to Census projections, U.S. population will grow from 330 million to 379 million by 2050.  That’s another fifty million people, a 15% increase.  Certainly another fifty million people will result in more cars on our roads and unfortunately more accidents.  But we can all take a bit of solace in the fact that America’s PI law firms will still be there for us.  To help Americans stand up to insurance companies and salvage a life from the wreckage of another person’s carelessness.

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