PI Law Firms Provide Ad Business With Remedy During Coronavirus

Despite TV, streaming and social media use hitting record levels, the Coronavirus has sickened the advertising industry.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise as ad budgets are often one of the first expenses cut economic downturns hit.  Some of the world’s largest ad agencies have issued dire warning about earnings.  WPP, the world’s largest ad …

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2020 Will Require Media Sophistication Never Seen Before. Is Your Law Firm Ready?

Forget ad messaging for a moment.  It won’t matter if nobody sees your ads.  Think about this. Over $6 billion will be spent on political advertising in 2020.  About 70% of that will be dedicated to TV according to Kantar. That’s going to significantly impact TV inventory, preemptions, and rates.  Especially in potential swing states …

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That Summer Vacation From Advertising May Cost Your Law Firm More Than You Think

Summer months are vacation months.  It’s the time of year when families pile into cars and drive more than any other time of year.  And with gas prices still low, people are driving more than ever. Yet many personal injury law firms stop advertising in the summer.  They rationalize that people are out of town …

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