2020 Will Require Media Sophistication Never Seen Before. Is Your Law Firm Ready?

Law Firm Marketing

Forget ad messaging for a moment.  It won’t matter if nobody sees your ads.  Think about this. Over $6 billion will be spent on political advertising in 2020.  About 70% of that will be dedicated to TV according to Kantar. That’s going to significantly impact TV inventory, preemptions, and rates.  Especially in potential swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida. The summer Olympics will complicate TV inventory further.  At the same time, Millennials aren’t even watching TV as cord-cutting and streaming proliferate. And many PI law firms still don’t know what “OTT” stands for.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? The good news is it isn’t as complex as it sounds.  The first place to start planning for 2020 is with the media basics. Perform a thorough analysis of each competitor’s spot frequency on each TV station, in each daypart.  After all, how can you compete intelligently in the “frequency war” if you don’t know how many ads your competitors are running? The challenge for most law firms is they’ve never performed a competitive media analysis at this highly detailed level. The numbers have to be extrapolated from Kantar data.  That’s how Davis has performed competitive media analysis for years. Probably why our law firms continue setting case records too. But don’t panic if you’ve never performed media analysis like this. If your firm isn’t a competitor of one of our PI law firms, we’ll perform a quick media analysis of one of your markets for FREE and explain it all.  And we can even discuss how Davis is integrating digital ad streaming into our media plans for 2020 and navigating the onslaught of political ads.  Call us. We’d love to talk. And make 2020 your year!

P.S.  OTT stands for “Over The Top” advertising to streaming audiences.

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